Activity-based workplace

Good storage is needed for a successful activity-based workplace

Trends in workplace design have always fluctuated over time.

Since the early 2010s, one type of workplace has been gaining strength: the activity-based workplace.

Today, the service sector has overtaken all other sectors in Sweden and has a leading position in the labour market, a shift compared to a few decades ago. But no matter what sector your business is in, it is being affected by a wave of digitalisation. A digitalisation that is expected to continue for a long time to come. Increased digitisation allows for even greater variety in how you can do your job.

Today's and tomorrow's technological possibilities mean that most of the work carried out by civil servants can be done regardless of location with the help of technology. The only requirement is that one has access to a network can interact with any type of IT device.

An activity-based office means an office with many possibilities for different types of working methods depending on the activity (meeting/individual/group) you need for the moment of the day. Where you have the flexibility to decide where you want to do your work. For example, there are often different types of workstations or individual workspaces you can use depending on the work (activities) you need to do. Some examples are quiet rooms (e.g. with a phone ban) suitable for concentration work, smaller meeting rooms for small group interaction, open workspaces similar to office landscapes for project work, relaxed environments for informal meetings. There may even be areas for exercise (treadmills) to allow people to move around in combination with their work.

The activity-based approach has many opportunities and benefits, but also things to consider and respect. There are a huge number of studies on the subject, various interior design concepts from leading players in the industry and many consultants who can help support the planning and implementation of an activity-based office.

To successfully implement an activity-based office, all aspects need to be taken care of... It is important to involve employees early in the process and make sure to use a professional interior design company to investigate and ensure that all interests are taken into account. One thing is for sure: one of those things is about how employees can easily keep track of their personal belongings.

For an activity-based approach to be successful, a good mobile personal storage device is needed:
There are major considerations when it comes to storage. Making it easier for employees to easily keep track of their work tools and/or personal belongings when you have a workplace that requires a number of movements per day per employee. But also to make it easier for a project or team to have a "physical storage place" when this is needed if, for example, a workplace does not have a filing room/fixed shelf left for this purpose.

This is where our BIARO products can help. We have a number of different solutions to meet this need.