Inspiration about the uses of our products

Our environmentally friendly storage products are used in a wide range of applications and contexts.

On this page you will find some examples that can serve as inspiration on how to achieve more order and structure with the help of our different products, in different types of businesses.

Our environmental stations are among the best-selling products for office waste management in Sweden. The Government Office in Sweden is fully focused on sustainability and uses our environmental stations under all desks. In office workplaces and office landscapes, the most common waste sorting is paper/newspapers, wet waste (in the garbage bag) and "other for incineration". As long as you stick to "dry waste products", and do not put wet items directly into the paper storage bins, you are of course free to use the environmental stations for whatever purpose you wish, e.g. used toners, electronic waste, batteries, cardboard, hard plastics, etc. Be sure to sort what you can in your office and do your bit for the environment!

Many businesses and professions in all kinds of sectors have a need for simple, stable and ergonomic mobile storage. For example, many people working in the modern activity-based office, practical professions, libraries, schools and nurseries, county councils, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Our various storage units can be used in all kinds of contexts and here is some inspiration for uses:

Our office storage units with compartments and/or drawers are very popular for various purposes, for example as mailboxes, storage for books, puzzles or for charging electronic devices (which are otherwise scattered all over the place). Make a sustainable purchasing choice (like many others) by choosing our environmentally friendly and recyclable products made of sturdy cardboard instead of similar products made of plastic and sheet metal.