Sustainability Act

We can help you with your environmental responsibility through sustainable sorting

Our source separation products have been around for many years but are more relevant than ever. As our whole society needs to move more and more towards a circular economy, where the raw material of every product consumed can be recycled as much as possible, there are higher demands on offices and public environments to take responsibility and have a system for dealing with different types of waste.

Our view is that this should be possible without compromising on the comfort and space of the office. It should also be easily accessible, otherwise it "won't happen".

We offer stylish and practical source separation products, made from a recycled cardboard, that can help businesses and organisations large and small with this type of management.

Sustainability Act

On 1 July 2016, the EU Accounting Directive is proposed to become Swedish law
This means that all major companies and organisations must produce a sustainability report containing non-financial information needed for an understanding of the company's development, position, performance and consequences of its activities. Disclosures should include, among other things, environmental, social and human rights issues, respect for human rights and anti-corruption.

A sustainability report should contain and describe:

  • The company's business model
  • The company's sustainability, diversity and equality policies.
  • The result of the application of policies.
  • The material risks associated with the company's operations, business relationships, products or services that are likely to result in adverse consequences
  • How the company manages the risks
  • Other non-financial conditions relevant to the business.

If the company does not apply a policy to one or more of the questions above, the reasons for this should be stated.

It will be the auditor's task to ensure that this sustainability report exists.

Which companies must comply with the law?

The selection criteria under the Swedish draft law are large companies that exceed at least two of three thresholds on the balance sheet date, number of employees 250 persons, balance sheet total 20 M Euro (SEK 175 m) or net turnover 40 M Euro (SEK 350 m).

"Something I recommend to all large companies and organisations is to develop a waste management policy."

- Markus Håkansson, Head of Sustainability Grant Thornton and member of FAR and FEE*

*Grant Thornton is an accounting and consulting firm with over 1100 employees in 23 offices around Sweden. Read more about their advisory services at