Products that create order in the office workplace or in public environments.

Our products are available in graphite and white as standard. Of course, we can always offer other colours for orders of larger volumes. All products are FSC-labelled, which stands for quality and sustainability. Read more about FSC labelling here. Below you have an overview of our products. Click on each product for more information.

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All BIARO products are FSC-certified, which is a guarantee of quality and sustainability.

The FSC is a successful international forest certification scheme that is globally recognised by major environmental and social organisations and is often used as a condition in major private and public procurements.

The certification is based on an independent, impartial certification audit according to standards developed by the international organisation Forest Stewardship Council® The traceability standard focuses on systems and procedures that ensure effective control of certified material throughout the production, storage, transport, purchase and sale process of the raw material.

For more information about the FSC and their work, visit their Swedish website