Environmental policy

Environment - sustainability and partners

It goes without saying that we work to high standards when it comes to the environment. We have therefore been working for many years with an explicit environmental policy.

  • BIARO will develop, manufacture and market products for office workplaces and public environments with as little negative environmental impact as possible.
  • Furthermore, we must protect both the external and internal environment. Environmental issues and recycling must lead to continuous improvement and be given high priority in the company's development.
  • BIARO will promote increased recycling and reuse. The aim is for BIARO's customers to clearly label the company's environmentally friendly profile and at the same time to actively market this.
  • Environmental legislation should be a minimum requirement.
  • All product development must be balanced against environmental aspects before the product can be included in the standard range.
  • We will set environmental requirements for our suppliers.
  • All the information we send will be electronic as far as possible. We encourage our customers to implement and manage electronic invoices.

Since 2014, our products consist of FSC®-labelled raw materials. Read more about FSC and our other partners below.

The FSC is a successful international forest certification scheme that is globally recognised by major environmental and social organisations and is often used as a condition in major private and public procurements.

The certification is based on an independent, impartial certification audit according to standards developed by the international organisation Forest Stewardship Council® The traceability standard focuses on systems and procedures that ensure effective control of certified material throughout the production, storage, transport, purchase and sale process of the raw material.

For more information about the FSC and their work, visit their Swedish website http://se.fsc.org/

All companies that want to contribute to a sustainable society through their purchases are welcome to join the Swan network.

Our goal is to make eco-labelled goods and services a priority and a natural part of all purchasing processes.

Networks exist to provide you with support and inspiration from others who also want to work for a sustainable society. BIARO is a member of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel network for sustainable procurement.

Read more about this at www.svanen.se/natverket/Medlemmar/BIARO_AB/

We are members of the Sweden Green Building Council, an organisation for green building, and work to develop and influence environmental and sustainability work in the industry. The goal is to reach a state where all stakeholders reward sustainable buildings

We are members of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and support their important work on forests and nature conservation. The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation has been Sweden's most influential environmental organisation for decades. We influence politicians, hunt down environmental villains and influence legislation. We put the spotlight on burning environmental issues through reports, campaigns, books, debates, conferences and intensive press work.

We are members of Cradlenet. Cradle Net is a cross-sectoral network of about 100 designers, producers, chemists, architects, eco-strategists and others who have worked to apply and disseminate information about the circular economy based on the concept, in Sweden and around the world. Similar constellations also exist in the Netherlands and Denmark. Individuals as well as companies and other organisations are welcome to become members of Cradle Net, which is run as a non-profit association.

The network consists of Swedish environmental technology companies in a variety of areas. The aim of the network is to contribute to the development, commercialisation and export of Swedish environmental technology. The organisation is run under the auspices of Tillväxtverket.