Our products are suitable for all kinds of contexts. Our end customers are therefore small and large companies and organisations in the private and public sectors. Here you can read about some customer cases.

Tyréns AB

Stockholm, 2016

The office that sorts with style

Stylish and durable. Biaro's smart environmental stations make Tyrén's office a more pleasant and aware workplace - and save costs and effort.

When engineering consultancy Tyréns redesigned its office in Stockholm, it wanted a stylish, practical and sustainable solution for recycling office waste. Previously, as in most workplaces, there was a plastic bin and a recycled cardboard box under each desk - but now a stylish and multifunctional environmental station from Biaro was chosen instead.

- Now we have one unit at each workplace, but with more functions. They are more attractive and make employees more aware of the possibility of sorting correctly. In addition, the rolling option makes it easier for the cleaners to get around," says Linda Brozin, head of Tyrén's office services.

The Double environmental box, as the solution is called, was designed by architect Rita Reppen, and is made entirely from recycled paper.

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